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Welcome to Yangming Acupuncture
"Yangming" is a Chinese term which means "bright". "Yangming" is also the name of a couple of meridians. Meridians in Chinese medicine are the paths through which the life energy, which is also known as Qi, flows. The function of the Yangming meridian is vital for the body¡¯s well-being and disease recovery. Based on this concept, our Yangming Acupuncture seeks to fight against diseases by activating the production of Qi and blood, and balance the body through regulating the circulation of blood and Qi. Yangming Acupuncture offers the highest quality of healthcare in a caring environment as well as a safe, effective and chemical-free therapy to promote your body¡¯s self-healing abilities.
Yangming Acupuncture also provides integrative acupuncture and adjunct therapies, which will tailor treatment to patients¡¯ immediate and long-term needs. Our services include Acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, herbs, guasha and other Chinese medical techniques. At Yangming Acupuncture, the appropriate techniques will be selected to prevent and treat disease, relieve pain and balance mood. Our ultimate goal is to improve your overall health and wellness by the highest standard of integrative care.
Our acupuncturist has eight years of acupuncture training in China in addition to many years of private practice both in China and U.S. She will offer the most authentic acupuncture treatment for you tailored to your body¡¯s needs. A personalized treatment program will be designed specifically for you, to support and empower your healing path.
We feel that it is very important to realize our quality of life and experience to achieve a renewed vitality and harmony at Yangming Acupuncture. Contact us today for treatment of your health concerns or medical conditions and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Please call 502-454-7480 or 502-819-4870 to make an appointment!

Address: 2950 Breckenridge Lane, Suite 12, Louisville, KY 40220 (Map & directions)

E-mail us at: huihui.acu@gmail.com

Address: 2950 Breckenridge Lane, Suite 12, Louisville, KY 40220. Phone: 502-454-7480, 502-819-4870